HIIT It At Home

Today I fell victim to having the day off from everything except my job where I make my own hours and ended up sleeping in instead of waking up to hit the gym so I had to push back my workouts to the evening, after work and food prep.

My campus gym stays open until 11:30 p.m. but needless to say that wasn’t motivation enough to drive there for a workout so instead I improvised with my yoga mat and some online challenges.

My first workout today was using Day 1 & 2 of the 30 Days of HIIT Challenge by Neila Ray. I also did the first two excercises of Day 3 before I got bored of it. It seemed easy enough and I like that the workout pages incorporate a timer with a beeper to signal when to move to the next exercise however I’m assuming you’re supposed to work this Challenge with a gym session as the workouts didn’t feel satisfying enough for me to stop there. It could also be that I completed them on Level 1 (5 rounds) rather than pushing myself to jump up a level or two for more rounds of exercises. You do feel the burn when doing them and my heart was pounding so I would classify this program as very useful when you’re snowed in or stuck at home when the gym is closing!

I post-gamed at Blogilates with Cassey Ho and began the 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge completing Days 1 through 3. I love her workouts, especially her butt-lift exercises, it’s like I can feel my butt perking up after I complete them.

In the process of writing this I was researching some more workouts and decided to start the 30 Day Ab Challenge on 30dayfitnesschallenges.com. I completed Days 1 through 3 here as well as the countdown to Florida ends March 14 and I’m a few days late starting a full month of fitness so I’m playing catch up today!

Now, after some determination to not let today be a fitness fail, I feel accomplished and ready to take on tomorrow’s workout!

xo, J

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